Following in the footsteps of fellow Canadian talents Keanu Reeves, Celine Dion, Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox and Mike Myers, Danso Gordon has endeavored to stay true to the tradition of honoring his native Canada with his impressive starring roles in television, film, commercials, internet dramas plus a co-directorial role in the short film “COLE” and ownership of his own clothing line, Caleb Clothing. His remarkable saga as an actor started when he moved from Canada to Los Angeles to live with his father and began to pursue acting. Danso was introduced to his current agent by an acting teacher/manager of a friend he had in high school English class. There was no turning back for Mr. Gordon after that. His string of memorable, high profile commercial appearances include: Dominos; T-Mobile; Foot Locker; Verizon; Saturn; McDonald’s; Time Warner; a Mountain Dew Super Bowl commercial; and his most recent one with State Farm (2010). Danso Gordon has more than a decade as an actor in film and television, with regular cast roles in three different TV series: The Disney Series “In a Heartbeat”; NBC’s Hang Time; and N-Network’s South of Nowhere. This is in addition to his having appeared in the TV series “Sliders” and Danny DeVito’s series, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.  He is also the holder of a degree in Psychobiology from UCLA, a great achievement for an actor with numerous acting credits to his name. Strongly believing that a person has to make things happen,Danso Gordon has successfully proven that one can become immersed in their craft and actually love it wholeheartedly.


About dansogordon1

As owner of his own clothing company (Caleb Clothing), Danso Gordon has gone on to demonstrate how one’s passion for his craft can ultimately lead to an immeasurable success in film, television and commercial appearances and a great potential for his very own business line. The Canadian actor follows a time-honored tradition of other Canadian actors and talents who have turned their gifts, passion and creativity into something that shows how earning one’s stripes can only be possible with a lot of hard work and dedication to one’s chosen career path. Danso Gordon, an avid hockey fan who was an award-winning track star back in Junior high school, has successfully proven that the honesty and life you bring into the undoubtedly fickle world of show business will ultimately show you the real path to success. Danso graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychobiology, which just goes to show how determined he truly is to expanding his horizons in as far as his intellect is concerned. Equipped with a quick wit and to-the-beat humor even back in high school, Mr. Gordon, has successfully proven how his innate ability to make people laugh can become a way of life. His immense dedication to whatever pursuits he is currently going for were clearly demonstrated when he was doing intensive training (he is an avid boxing fan and fighter) for his first amateur fight in November 2008 and injured a shoulder muscle accordingly. Indeed, Danso Gordon has consistently proven himself very capable of pursuing his dreams and living life as he believes he was meant to do.
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